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SBISEWA official website inaugarated on 18-08-2017 at Local Head Office Chandigarh by worthy Chief General Manager Shri Anil Kishora

Welcome To SBI Sewa

The SBI SC/ST employees welfare association was formed and registered in the year 1980 with the following objectives;

The aims and objects of the Association shall be:

  • To organize and unite the SC/ST employees of all cadres of the SBI under a common fellowship and foster among them a spirit of brotherly-hood/co-operation. The Association shall take such step for OBC also and after enrolling them, shall take such step as necessary for implementation of reservation.
  • To constitute and maintain a liaison between the SC/ST employees and the Authorities of the bank and to strive for cordial relations between them or to defend SC/ST employees in domestic enquiries.
  • To watch, promote, safeguard and furtherance the interest, rights & privileges of the SC/ST employees in all matters relating to employment, promotion, accommodation, service condition etc.
  • To get Reservation Policy implemented by all legal/constitutional means or to undertake such activities, except political calculated, which help in the upliftment, welfare and prosperity of SC/ST